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corporate fonts

We have become synonymous with innovation and quality in digital type since our doors opened in 1990. As the UK's principal type supplier we represent over 100 foundries worldwide, offering an unparalleled range of fresh and significant fonts including our own Exclusives collections.

But we don't just sell type. We help, we advise and we offer solutions. We are very proud of our status as a leading provider of custom type and licensing services to the corporate, advertising and design sectors. The company has evolved into a multi-disciplined 'Type Consultancy' advising on font licensing and legality, retail and distribution options and many technical and design issues.

The Special Projects team offers a wealth of knowledge and experience and we trust this brief overview will familiarize you with our capabilities, reputation and expertise in these core areas.

Please contact us to discuss your project or request a quotation.

Your choice of typeface says a lot about you as a company. Typographic branding has never been more vital than it is today and having a well considered font that embodies and complements your Corporate Identity can be just what it takes to set yourself apart from your competitors. Developing your own unique custom typeface equips your organisation with an even stronger branding tool.

Selecting or specifying a new corporate font for you or your client is an onerous task. Our experience of resolving problems well after the launch of a new Corporate Identity or campaign confirms that expensive and embarrassing oversights are a regular occurrence which could be averted by getting us involved at the earliest possible stage.

Key issues and how we can assist you:

1. « Design »
Is there an “off the shelf” font available that matches your design requirements? If not, consider a bespoke font.
2. « Usage »
Is the font intended for bodycopy or display purposes? We can tell you if a headline version exists or advise you on the suitability of types for text, signage etc. What about web and multimedia usage? Will it be used at small sizes, in Powerpoint presentations for instance? If the answer is yes, you should be considering a screen optimised, hinted font for maximum legibility and impact.
3. « Aesthetics »
Is there a sufficient range of weights, with true italics and small caps? Do you need lining, old style or tabular figures?
4. « Functionality »
Should the fonts be linked to the base font so that bold and italic weights are accessed by using the style buttons?
5. « Compatibility »
Will documents need to be shared between Mac and PC users? Are you equipped to handle cross-platform OpenType fonts?
6. « Language Coverage »
If you conduct business beyond Western Europe you’ll need to address the font’s character set and non-latin suitability. We can advise on global language coverage and sell you the most appropriate font for the job.
7. « Licensing »
What are the licensing implications and costs? What options and license models are available to cover multi-sites, font embedding, 3rd parties, OEMs etc? We’ll put you straight.
8. « Installation »
We can build you a customised program to automatically install your new fonts and even remove the old ones.
9. « Distribution »
Many companies specify us in brand guidelines as official type supplier. Why get plagued by requests from suppliers for fonts and logos when we can take the strain instead?
Let Us Take The Strain

With over 30,000 typefaces in our range, many companies are quite willing to specify us in their corporate manual as official type supplier. But we could do much more. For example, you could use us as your official distribution outlet for your I.D guidelines. We could supply to your mailing list or stock your I.D. pack and ship it on demand. This service has many practical benefits - and saves you from being constantly plagued by requests for logos and fonts.


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