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opentype fonts

Demand full artistic control. Upgrade your fonts to OpenType format & unleash their full creative potential.

OpenType is the current industry standard font format that lets Macintosh and Windows users share documents in perfect harmony. Superb multi-lingual support and advanced typographical features will revolutionise the way you work.

What is OpenType?
OpenType (OT) is the new Unicode based font format jointly developed by Adobe and Microsoft. Whereas traditionally there have been different formats (PostScript and TrueType) for different platforms (Macintosh or Windows), OpenType harnesses the power of Unicode (where each character or 'glyph' has it's own unique reference number) to create one single format common to both platforms. In other words one single font file that you can install on a Mac or a PC.

OpenType fonts come in two flavours, PostScript (.otf / CFF outlines) or TrueType (TTF), and though different manufacturers/foundries may have a particular preference for how their fonts are made, it makes no real difference to the user.

The fact that OpenType fonts have room for more than 65,000 individual glyphs means that multiple languages and a whole host of advanced typographic features can be included within one font. In other words an OpenType font could cover West and Central European languages, maybe even Greek and Cyrillic, Small Caps and extra ligatures perhaps, all within the confines of one single typeface.

OT fonts that are content rich or multi-lingual tend to be known as OpenType Pro fonts. To access the additional typographic features and languages that may be included in an OT font your software application needs to be OpenType savvy or Unicode based. Good examples of these are InDesign and the Adobe CS suite, or the latest MS Office applications. Quark 7 and higher supports OpenType technology. OT fonts can still be installed and used with non-savvy applications, however the additional features will not be accessible.

Key Benefits
» Full cross-platform compatibility; share documents between Mac and PC users seamlessly.
» Multi-byte language support; multiple languages and scripts included in one single font
» Advanced typographic features; OT fonts are not restricted to 256 characters and can contain fractions, swashes, old-style figures, additional ligatures etc all within the same typeface.


» 1350 OT fonts, licensed for 10 or 20 CPUs
» industry classics like Frutiger, Univers, Myriad etc
» cross-platform compatible, Mac OS X friendly

For more information on this library, please contact our Sales Dept

Neue Helvetica Pro CD

» all 51 legendary fonts in OT Format
» 48 languages covered (includes CE)
» available to buy online for immediate download

Some of the best fonts on fontshop.co.uk in OpenType format:
» Myriad Pro by Adobe
» Zapfino Extra eCD by Linotype
» Olicana by G-Type
» Taz III by LucasFonts
» Corpid by LucasFonts
» Interface Corp by Dalton Maag
» Plume by Dalton Maag
» Cezanne Pro by P22
» Handsome Pro by ShinnType

To find out more about these collections and other OpenType products please email us, or call +44 (0) 1242 285 100.

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